Guacamholy, Palermo – Italy

Guacamholy comprises a new Mexican cuisine takeaway located in the heart of the Sicilian capital of Palermo, where elegant windows of the most renowned fashion boutiques sit alongside the most glamorous venues of Palermo nightlife.
30 sqm of colourful Mexico. A geometric consistency combined with a bold use of colors are the basis of the design concept, with clear references to the heart of the brand and to rustic Mexico.

Design and Photo credits: Puccio Collodoro Architetti

Via Isidoro la Lumia, 54, 90139 Palermo Italy
Phone: 375 773 2556

Bun, Milan – Italy

Golden touches and Venetian terrazzo tiles have been used mixed with a splash of color that creates a sophisticated, but at the same time fresh design.
The project itself although starts from the investigation of the existing elements of the space with the aim to integrate them into the overall design aesthetic.
The beautiful bricks and arches from the space were used as the starting point of the design.
To create a uniform aesthetic through the space, additional arched shapes with a green and purple color have been added through the whole space, some totally independent and others are highlighting the already existing arches from the interior architecture.
Additionally, the wooden table tops and plants represent the healthy and zero plastic identity from Bun.

Credit Pics @ Gregory Abbate
Architects and description: Masquespacio

Viale Bligny, 19a, 20136 Milan – Italy
Phone: 02 4070 1755

Bun, Turin – Italy

The already iconic green color from Bun takes you immediately to the order bar, while the pink and blue colors take you to two seating spaces that differ completely from each other.
In the pink space you can see how next to a sharing table, a tribune that continues with the arc concept is set-up to give the diners the possibility to sit at different levels.
The blue zone on the other hand adds a touch of fun and gives the visitors the chance to enjoy the Bun burgers in a space that simulates a huge swimming pool that would make them feel like floating in the water.
Last but not least, the space already counts with some of the established brand elements as for the furniture and arcs, next to materials like ceramics and terrazzo.

Credit Pics @ Gregory Abbate
Architects and description: Masquespacio
Shopfitting: Augusto Contract

Via Giovanni Amendola, 9, 10121 Turin, Italy

Hoddie Hot Dog, Milan – Italy

Hoddie Hot Dog is a new concept coming from Mama Burger & fashion Cafe group. The idea is to reinvent one of the best selling product in the world the hot dog revisited with a typically “MAMA” approach where the use of excellent quality raw materials and the attention to the design and details guarantee a unique experience to the customers.

Food trends come and go, and there’s always something new and sexy that’s sweeping the world. But seldom does anything have the lasting appeal of the good old fashioned hot dog, iconic in America for nearly 150 years, with which perhaps only the hamburger can even compete on a symbolic/social level.

A hot dog is the ultimate multi-tasking food: but this is not America, how will the italian consumer respond?

I hope all the best for this new format and I’m sure it will.

Credit Pics @ Giorgio Figini
Architects: Atelier P
Furnishings: Augusto Contract

Hoddie Hot Dog
Shop n°149 at Scalo Milano Outlet & More, Via Milano, 5, 20085 Locate di Triulzi, Milan, Italy
Phone: +39 02 9047 0350

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