Chow Chase, Karlstad – Sweden


In the small town of Karlstad, Sweden, a progressive restaurateur wanted to create a mind-blowing dining experience – a great journey through time, place and taste. With a menu of tapas-sized favourites from all over the world, the ambition was to offer fun dining and total escapism for a broad audience.
The Chow Chase restaurant experience could be described as a night together with Rockefeller, Edith Piaf and Lawrence of Arabia on steroids, served and entertained by Lady Gaga. A Jules Vernesque journey between different food concepts and ambiences that challenge all of your senses. It’s bold, colorful, fun and somewhat eccentric when the big world comes to a small town.
Food and drinks are ordered via a mobile app allowing guests to easily shape and change their experience during the meal. The Chow Chase brand was created along with the design concept to enhance the search for exciting tastes within the restaurant’s different settings. The interior design offers a stylish and contemporary take on New York during the 1920s/30s Art Deco era, a slightly surreal version of Paris and La Belle Époque, and a personal adaption of the exotic Orient.

Photo credits: Erik Nissen Johansen
Design and description: Stylt Trampoli

Chow Chase
Kungsgatan 14, 652 24 Karlstad, Sweden
Phone: +46 70 724 37 07

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