Gentile Pizza Parlour, Westmount – Canada


Inspired by the family legacy, the Montreal restaurant’s new original concept pays homage to the classic New York pizzerias of the 1970s and 1980s, balancing retro and contemporary elements to create a chic and conversational space with a strong identity.
A concept of nostalgia within an iconic, contemporary space that is inspired by family history, with homages to the flagship Café Gentile, first opened in 1959, as well as a family arcade where the current owner spent much of his youth.
A contemporary interpretation of references to the past to create a dynamic space that is both rooted in time and embraces the future, reflecting the ambitions and passions of a new generation of Montreal family restaurateurs. The original space offered some naturally vintage qualities that have been embraced, including a metal slatted ceiling that was originally designed for signage.
To break up the natural linearity of the existing space, a continuous pattern of diagonal tiles was developed to cover the floors, walls and bar. The effect of the strong, deliberate gesture is one of the most striking aspects of the final design. A juxtaposition of old and new materials characterises the restaurant’s light and playful furnishings and finishes, including a mix of marble and vinyl table tops, pre-finished wood panelled walls layered with backlit mirrors, amber glass partitions and old-fashioned vertical blinds. Vintage items, including lamps, chairs, stools and even an old Pac Man machine, were acquired through personal collections and advertisements, infusing the space with a strong visual impact of familiarity, originality and warmth.

Photo credits: Jean Sebastien Senecal
Architects: Atelier Zebulon Perron

Gentile Pizza Parlour
4134 Saint-Catherine St, Westmount, Quebec H3Z 2Y5, Canada
Phone: +1 514-544-7437

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