Inns Whisky Bar, Chengdu – China


The word “whisky” comes from the old English language, meaning Water of Life, which originated in 1494…
The entire space is considered as a distiller, and the spherical device floats inside the container. It resembles an ice sphere, a water drop. It breaks through the traditional boring experience of a space visually; neglecting decoration, and focusing on art of space.

The color of the interior represent the whisky culture.
A lot of black volcanic rocks are used in outdoor space to create a sense of mystery, insping the curiosity of passers-by customers, and introduced them to enter this place.
The wall is painted in gold and extended to the ceiling. The lamp is derived from the wall by extracting the elements of the distiller.

The art installation”ice sphere” hangs in the space, it looks like the dim light is projected downwards, like whiskey slowly pouring from the top to down and mix with the “ice sphere”
The volcanic rock is used on the wall of the bar, and makes it stands out.

Under the dim light, the ripples look like pouring the whiskey into a glass.
On the inner wall of the “distiller” geometric symbols represent time. They are embedded in the inner wall, and each geometric space contains whiskeys from different ages.

Architects and Pics: Wooton Designers