Feng Yuan Coconut Chicken Original, Guangzhou – China


Feng Yuan Coconut Chicken Original is a restaurant brand which serve special made chicken coconut water hot pot.

Unlike the popular super spicy food in China nowadays, coconut chicken is sweet and refreshing,soup tastes like a sweet and clear spring. From this comes the concept of “spring” in the forest of coconut trees.
This palm leaf partition wall transformed the space into a fantastic and impressive forest.
From time to time the leaves sway slightly with the air conditioning wind in space: this little dynamic makes the space more vivid.

A special water wave textured hot melt glass was also used as the surface of the dining table so that the custom “water drop lamp” can form a clear water-like shadow on the ground. Each table symbolizes a clear spring. The fantasy forest is built in a spatial atmosphere. At the same time, the general experience of “spring” is the core experience that must be conveyed by the brand. The design of “water-drop lamp” and “spring table” is intertwined in the bond between the guests and the brand. It echoes and intensifies the feeling of warmth and refreshment of the coconut chicken hot pot.

The private room was inspired by the beautiful texture of Antelope Valley. An earth-colored mineral paint was selected to simulate the tactile impression of the valley: the entire private room is filled with a sculptural feeling.

A unique, wonderful and deep memory space experience & atmosphere.

Credit Pics @ Yang Junning
Architects: X.J.D Lab Of Design