Cantina di David, Utrecht – Netherlands


“Cantina di David” is an Italian Fine Dining restaurant in the historic heart of Utrecht City, located in a magical 13th century wharf cellar along the famous Oudegracht Canal. The special character of the cellar made it possible to create a unique design, in which the concept of “Italian fine dining” is expressed in each detail. The experience of the space and the design is a combination of timeless elegance with luxurious and modern materials, warm in color.

Cantina di David is one of Utrecht’s largest restaurants serving up to 180 guests with a la carte menu, the restaurant is set up in three cellars with each having its own identity. The middle cellar “the heart” of the restaurant has the focus on the kitchen, with a black décor and black louvre wall its all about showcasing the activity of food preparation in the open kitchen.

The second and largest cellar is all about the bar and wine cellar experience. The space consist of a open brickwork structure, with a 7 meter long marble bar in the middle and showcasing a 500 plus bottle wine wall to set the mood. The third and smallest cellar has again a black décor and focusses on the intimate dining experience, tugged away with smaller dimensions of the space it’s the perfect setting for a romantic evening.

The materialization of the interior décor and furnishing has played an important role in the design. Each element and detail has been carefully handpicked and furnishing was custom made to match the fine dining experience with the historical aspects of the cellars. The furniture is of a soft velvet complementing the white linen table setup. And brass copper wall cladding plays with the texture of the hard brickwork cellar. The pendants lights are handmade and give the interior an element of luxury, while the wall light fixtures emphasize on the cellars shape and curves.

The suspended louvre ceiling is made of felt material, created to not only hide the installation works and light fixtures, but also to work as a sound absorbing ceiling. Resulting in a harmonious acoustic environment.


Credit Pics @ Brendan Bakker
Architects and description: Design Brendan Bakker

Cantina di David
Oudegracht aan de Werf 88, 3511 AV Utrecht, Netherlands
Phone: +31 30 236 8436