Felix Roasting Co., Manhattan, New York – USA


By creating a glorious space and producing the best coffee with the utmost care, what has become an important part of many people’s lives has been elevated and honored as a shared experience. The antithesis to the industrial style of coffee culture. Instead of live wood, concrete and steel, a luxurious, elegant and highly aesthetic café was imagined which, through its design, would elevate the daily coffee ritual.

Reference has been made to classical architecture and sacred geometry used in cathedrals as a way to define space and create a central focal point. There is also a clear reference to the old European coffee culture in Vienna and Milan, as well as the secessionist movement to inspire the brand identity and custom motifs for wallpapers and wall coverings.

Credit Pics @ Adrian Gaut
Architects: Ken Fulk

Felix Roasting Co.
450 Park Avenue South STOREFRONT STREETLEVEL, New York, NY 10016, USA