Hoddie Hot Dog, Milan – Italy


Hoddie Hot Dog is a new concept coming from Mama Burger & fashion Cafe group. The idea is to reinvent one of the best selling product in the world the hot dog revisited with a typically “MAMA” approach where the use of excellent quality raw materials and the attention to the design and details guarantee a unique experience to the customers.

Food trends come and go, and there’s always something new and sexy that’s sweeping the world. But seldom does anything have the lasting appeal of the good old fashioned hot dog, iconic in America for nearly 150 years, with which perhaps only the hamburger can even compete on a symbolic/social level.

A hot dog is the ultimate multi-tasking food: but this is not America, how will the italian consumer respond?

I hope all the best for this new format and I’m sure it will.

Credit Pics @ Giorgio Figini
Architects: Atelier P
Furnishings: Augusto Contract

Hoddie Hot Dog
Shop n°149 at Scalo Milano Outlet & More, Via Milano, 5, 20085 Locate di Triulzi, Milan, Italy
Phone: +39 02 9047 0350