Omakase, Shanghai – China


Whether a kaiseki cuisine is attractive is just determined at the moment when one entering the door.
Inspired by the love story of Sakura rain, the design of Omakase erased the sadness of story without a trace. It broke some preconceived traditional ideas and challenged the widely accepted standard of behavior.

Started with the design concept of Sakura and dew, the Sakura petals and dewdrops are combined in the glass partition in a creative way, achieving a virtual-real synthesis and crystal-clear decorative effects.

At the same time, the boundless pink Sakura is in contrast with the golden Tatami room, as if one entered a Sakura labyrinth. With the dynamic lighting, the blooming Sakura and exquisitely carved dewdrops make a feast of Sakura. Such a poetic environment seized the heart of a maiden.

The entire space is just like a freehand brushwork painting, in which every diner becomes a part of the scenery. While enjoying the food, who will not be pleasant and contented in the beauty?

There’s sunset which never falls, and there’s Sakura rain which never ends. The pink Sakura rain all over the sky is the most beautiful and romantic word. Come here together with your beloved one, and love in the fascinating Sakura rain.

Life is more than just living, there are still romantic times and pink dreams.

Credit Pics @ Boris Shiu
Architect:  Shanghai Hip-pop Design Team

Xuhui District, Tianping Rd, 320弄22号1-2层, Shanghai, China