Spooning Cookie Dough, Berlin – Germany


Spooning Cookie Dough is the first company in Germany which provides the freshly produced dough. Located in Berlins popular Prenzlauer Berg, the project transformed a narrow, dark 22 square meter front space into a bright and playful journey to everybody’s childhood, when nibbling raw cookie dough in grandmas kitchen.

With a very small budget, a mixture of graphic color zones in pink, white and dark blue was used, combined with very classic white tiles for wall coverings.
The bar is kept very simple with a 3,3m freestanding center desk to present ten different mixes of cookie dough and a variety of well selected toppings.

Children can use the bright yellow handle bar to climb one step up to see what’s in the doughfilled bowls.
In order to spread the word about the new place on social media some art installations have been added such as a #forgetyourdiet neon sign on a dark blue wood panel, a shuttlecock arrangement, and a menu board behind the desk with changeable hand-stamped letters on pieces of plywood.

Also, the light concept is kept very graphic by using regulable led tube lights which are arranged closer in the back and wider in the front of the bar to give more visual depth to the room.
All furniture is made of a combination of coated steel and glazed plywood. To make the look more graphic, every part of the furniture in front of the pink wall is also covered in the same shade of pink.

Credit Pics @ Patrick Nitzsche
Architect and description: Zentralnorden

Spooning Cookie Dough
Kollwitzstraße 56, 10405 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 863292780