28 Posti, Milan – Italy


28 Posti was 6 years old and felt the need to redesign its interior to make it even more welcoming, without distorting its convivial and relaxed atmosphere and its stylistic features related to the concepts of authenticity, material, simplicity, and origin.

Materiality, texture, color are undoubtedly the concepts on which the designer’s intervention for 28 Posti is based.
The project first takes on the theme of color. The identified palette plays with natural materials – wood in different finishes, Fornace Brioni’s terracotta, natural waxed iron to which are added a de-saturated blue and an earthy marc color, in addition to the chalk white of the longitudinal walls.

The ceiling alternates original and restored wooden beams with light blue backgrounds.
The Giulio Romano terracotta boiserie from the Gonzaga collection by Fornace Brioni covers the walls of the short sides – together with Matteo Brioni’s unfired earthenware plaster that reaches the ceiling – while in the center of the room the original brick septum remains the protagonist.

A storage unit is positioned in the arch designed by the central brick septum, deliberately detached from the wall, and stands proudly on its own. It is a rounded volume at the ends, enclosed by two curved sheets which play on the front with a micro-mosaic terracotta covering.

Credit Pics @ Delfino Sisto Legnani
Architect and description: Cristina Celestino

28 Posti
Via Corsico, 1, 20144 Milan, Italy
Phone: 02 839 2377