BreadBlok, Santa Monica – USA


At the center of Breadblook is the story of the product: gluten-free bread, born of tradition. It’s the story of a French family that has been adapting recipes to accommodate allergies for generations. With that in mind, the design want to convey quality, authenticity and a sense of place.

Selected materials can be left in their raw state and will age beautifully – warm alder wood for shelves and millwork, terracotta floors, plaster walls and textured limestone counters – equal parts Southern California and the owners’s native Provence.

Like the product, the materials are timeless but the details are modern. The counter floats on stone plinths and the walls are treated with a patchwork of tonal plasters.

Credit Pics @ Laure Joliet
Architect and description: Commune Design

1511 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403, USA
Phone: +1 310-310-8576