La Moitié, Guangzhou – China


This project is about a multi-commercial space, including a restaurant on the 1st and middle floor, featuring one designer showroom on the 2nd floor.

La Moitié, the project, in French means ‘half’, by which inspired to create the LOGO, using square and circle, presenting man and woman, like half and the other. The most interesting thing about this project is how to twist different styles in one whole space, trying to fix these two storylines into one, and then tear them apart by inviting classical romance and modern avant-garde elements.

The entrance of this space is designed to lower, by how it makes the experience of in-out impressive.
The whole space is easily recognized into two different parts by visual when one is pink and the other chooses black. Color is the magic, by which space turned into two small boxes. The pink box no doubt creates classical romance of women, while the black one completes half of the space with the modern future.

Among floors, there is a stair connecting in the right-center of the space. It’s a smart design, like a travel machine to help visitors switch from one to another separated space. Right between two ‘ boxes,’  in which a real and illusory space is raised up by the organized classical pink against the haphazard black avant-garde.

To spare more spaces for dining,  the project introduced two private rooms on the middle floor between the 1st and 2nd. The visitors will have a chance to meet the art, along with display and experience in this color make space. The shadow of the light in the space turns inch by inch while time passing by.

Up the stairs, there is the fashion showroom. Then women’s area is decorated with classic Chinese elements while there is full of marble in the men’s area, expressing masculinity.

Like every storytelling, details make a good story and so space does. Let’s go through this dramatic space trip with every detail of elegance and gentleness.

Credit Pics @ Juning Yang
Architect: One Fine Day